#CreateConnections – Library and Information Week 2020

Today is the start of Library and Information Week 2020! The theme is Create, with a different creative theme for each day (thanks to ALIA Groups, Jess Pietsch and Gemma Steele for coming up with these).

Monday’s creative theme is #CreateConnections

A lot has happened since I posted “What happened when I joined ALIA” over two years ago. I decided to revisit this post and update it with all of the new connections that I’ve made since then …

Joined ALIA 2020

All of these connections have built on each other, and in February this year I became ALIA State Manager for WA. This was the result of many conversations with passionate library and information professionals, who are always willing to share what they’ve learned.

If you’re starting out as a student, look for opportunities to #CreateConnections. There’s lots happening online while in-person meetings are on hold (see my blog post series).

If you’re a library or information professional, thank you for making time to welcome me and other students and new graduates to our profession!

Graphic created in Mindomo