Learn something #1 – Do a free online course

You may not feel like learning anything right now, and have enough on your plate with study deadlines, work, unexpected work from home, unexpected lack of work, or the challenge of home-schooling kids.

If there comes a time when you have the mental space for some self-directed learning, there are lots of free online options.

This is the third in a series of blog posts for library and information students and new grads. Even though we can’t meet in person due to the impact of COVID-19, there are lots of ways to feel connected, keep learning and figure out what you’re interested in. The blog posts so far are:

What is a MOOC?

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are online courses from different providers (mostly universities), collected in one handy place. There are usually a few levels of membership, but they generally have a free option. The learning is more important than paying for a certificate, and I use the free option.

Some MOOC ideas…

Here’s a selection from Future Learn, all are very relevant to the library and information profession:

Where to find more MOOCs

Future Learn is just one MOOC provider. Others to browse include:

This is my usual reminder to take breaks from being online, especially during intense news cycles (like now). Look here for lots of mental health support resources.

Coming up next – Learn something #2 – Keeping up to date

title page of The Book of Knowledge Volume 1

Title page from Stowell, G. & Mason, J. E. (Eds.). (1954). The Book of Knowledge Volume 1 (5th ed.). London, UK: The Waverley Book Company Ltd.




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