Feel connected #2 – Join a Twitter chat

This is the second in a series of posts for library and information students and new grads. Even though we can’t meet in person due to the impact of COVID-19, there are lots of ways to feel connected, keep learning and figure out what you’re interested in.

The first post was Feel connected #1 – Join Twitter, this post is about Twitter chats.

Feel connected #2 – Join a Twitter chat

Imagine if you could do this from home…

  • Find out how library and information professionals feel about different topics
  • Join in a community conversation
  • Find voices that resonate with you

You can by following a Twitter chat. A Twitter chat is a scheduled gathering on Twitter, where participants discuss a specific topic. If you have a Twitter account you can participate and respond, but even if you don’t have a Twitter account you can still read the chat.

How do I find these chats?

Here’s how a Twitter chat works…

  1. Pick a chat
  2. Figure out when the next chat is on (might need some time zone maths for this)
  3. Get a cup of tea (or preferred beverage)
  4. Look at the questions on the chat website
  5. Follow along by searching for the # hashtag of the chat OR follow the account that is running the chat
  6. Reply to any of the questions or comments if you like – just include the chat hashtag and the question number
  7. If there’s something you want to say, or don’t have a Twitter account, the chat moderators usually provide a way for you to email them so that you can be anonymous.

A reminder to take breaks from Twitter especially during intense news cycles (like now). Look here for lots of mental health support resources.

Coming up next – Learn something #1 – Do a free online course




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